Yoga DVD I Can’t Live Without

Yoga, Mind and Body DVD

Yoga, Mind & Body with Ali MacGraw and Erich Schiffmann

I thought I’d share some home practice DVD’s that I’ve found particularly helpful in case you are interested in checking out something new to structure your own home practice.


The first is by one of my all time favorite yoga instructors, Erich Schiffmann. He narrates “Yoga Mind & Body”, a 45 minute yoga practice (from 1994) starring actress Ali MacGraw. Yes, this is an oldie…..but don’t be fooled. It’s got quite a following – for a reason. It’s good, real good.


The routine is probably intermediate level, which to me means […]

Practice Inspiration From Tai Chi Masters


On a recent visit to Cabin John Regional Park in Rockville, MD, I discovered a really nice Tai Chi Court. The court is a large circular space with a Yin/Yang pattern made from paved stones and many thoughtful expressions about the nature and lessons of Tai Chi. The space is dedicated in memory of a man named David Chen though it’s not clear if the quotations were from him or not.


I wrote down a couple I thought were especially relevant to yogis:


“Don’t find excuses not to practice: instead find every opportunity to practice.”


“For a beginner, Tai Chi is a workout.

For a practitioner, Tai Chi is a discipline.

For a […]

How Yoga Helps With Weight Loss

diet books


Since a lot of people are interested in losing weight in the new year, I thought it would be good to discuss the issue of yoga for weight loss. Does it really help? If so, how?


Here is what I’ve noticed:


A consistent (4 – 5 times a week) practice of standing poses and other strong postures has a marked effect on my eating habits. Basically, my snack sniff-o-meter which is typically always operating, cranks down a few notches.


I forget about food for longer periods. I don’t go in search of an afternoon pick me up or whatever. And my energy levels stays higher throughout the day. […]

A Year of Yoga


Happy New Year to everyone reading this!

I recently read a blog post about a young woman who observed how much her life had changed after a year of consistent yoga practice. She had dropped some bad habits and started creating more positive things in her life.

This naturally set me to wondering – what would my life look like if I practiced yoga regularly day in and day out?

Because even though I have a yoga blog, I am not all that consistent in my practice. Some weeks, I practice daily or close to it. But I usually drift away from practice either because I am too busy for a day or two and then I just don’t get started again or I have the time […]

Is Yoga a Religion?


I’ve been thinking about this topic for a long time. I can’t help but feel bad when I hear that many Christians (and perhaps many people who are not Christian) are resistant to trying yoga because they think that practicing yoga = acceptance of an array of strange beliefs and practices (i.e. worshipping the sun, chanting to strange beings/forces, believing in various gods, etc.)


There’s also varied conversations about the origin of yoga. I’m not sure anyone has a lock on exactly who or when yoga started and why. One theory I’ve heard is that Himalayan sages of ancient times needed a form of exercise that would help them […]

Need Proof That Yoga Keeps You Young?


The easiest way to determine the anti-aging effects of yoga is to watch Tao Porchon Lynch as she glides into plank pose. Tao, who is the Guinness-certified world’s oldest living yoga teacher, turns 96 years young today.

Happy Birthday, Tao!


In early July, she gave an inspiring TEDx Talk about the power of yoga to transform your life. She really wowed the audience at the end when she moved effortlessly into a seated lotus position and then lifted herself off the floor into lolasana.

I was lucky enough to attend Tao’s workshop at Buddha B Yoga Studio on a Friday evening in July.  After our class, she was scheduled to teach in two more cities that same weekend.

She had a reason for scheduling […]