Mindfulness While Flying the Friendly Skies


Perhaps you saw the recent story about a young mother and toddler traveling on JetBlue Airlines in which an awkward and uncomfortable situation almost turned into a painful and scary situation. It caught my attention because it seems like the whole thing could have been much less scary if those involved had chosen mindfulness and human kindness instead of callousness


The story, as I understand it, is that the passengers were buckled in tight and waiting on the tarmac for their take-off position when the 3 year-old girl told her mother she had to go to the bathroom. The mother was informed by a flight attendant that no one could be out of their seats. The little girl was told she would have to wait […]

How to Stay Awake In Meditation


I am battling a bout of conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye) right now. This is the first time I’ve ever had this condition. The whites of my eyes are not white, but eerily and uncomfortably red. And then there is the itchiness in my eyes. Sometimes I have an overpowering urge to really rub my eyes which would only make them get more red and scary looking.

At one point I noticed that due to the constant irritation, my eyes were often in a half open position – kind of like something called ‘the lion’s gaze.’


What is the lion’s gaze?

It is a simple practice of keeping your eyes half open and half closed while you meditate. Having your eyes half closed helps you ignore […]

Don’t Miss Today’s ‘Yoga On The Mall’ in Downtown DC


I plan to be at the Yoga on the Mall event happening in downtown DC this morning. Normally, I don’t even get to that many classes. But from my last Yoga on the Mall event, I know that events like this offer something you can’t find in most yoga classes.

Here is why I think events like this are so special:

1) price is right – FREE

2) Shiva Rea – favorite yoga instructor of mine, though I know her only from her DVD’s

3) you practice alongside hundreds of people you’ve never met before

Wait, why is it a good thing to be sharing yoga with hundreds of strangers? Let me explain.

Some yogis are super-fit and super-bendy. Many are young women for whom complicated yoga poses seem […]

Hot UK Yoga Magazine

OM Yoga Magazine

This vibrant yoga magazine is beautiful to look at and filled with inspiration from dozens of yogis

OM Yoga & Lifestyle (ommagazine.com) from the UK – I have the October issue which I bought in November. I have been getting a lot of use out of the home practice section.

I like this magazine because it has lots of input from many different yogis, some instructors, some students.

On their website they let you preview the November 2013 issue which is chock full of advice for new yoga teachers just starting out. There is probably also plenty of inspiration for more experienced studio owners […]

Proof That Anyone Can Do Arm Balances

I love arm balances. I can’t do most of them….but I think they look really cool. Arm balances are something I aspire to master. But to tell you the truth, sometimes I despair of ever mastering most of them.

However, today as I was poring through some old bookmarked yoga sites, I came across one with pictures of a bunch of yogis at Destin Yoga by the Sea (Fort Walton Beach, FL) practicing serenely by the beautiful blue ocean.

Cow in scale pose The yogis of Destin Yoga in Fort Walton Beach are apparently quite proficient with their arm balances. A shot like this will certainly inspire me […]

Dietary Shortcut to Advance Your Yoga Practice

I have been really inspired to clean up my diet recently. One of the blogs I linked to yesterday, 100DaysofRealFood, has been a huge inspiration in this regard.

I notice that whenever I eat a particularly clean diet for a few days (for me this usually starts with cutting out sugar), I suddenly have significantly more flexibility when I am practicing yoga.

I suppose the specific dietary changes vary from person to person. But it goes without saying that when you eliminate processed foods, your body has less sludge to work through. Less sludge clogging up your tissues, your lymph, etc. means more ease of movement.

Try it for a couple of days and report back here. Or share your previous experiences in this realm.