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OM Yoga & Lifestyle ( from the UK – I have the October issue which I bought in November. I have been getting a lot of use out of the home practice section.
I like this magazine because it has lots of input from many different yogis, some instructors, some students.
On their website they let you preview the November 2013 issue which is chock full of advice for new yoga teachers just starting out. There is probably also plenty of inspiration for more experienced studio owners too.
Fun Home Practice!
The main reason I got it (after all, an international publication is […]

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Proof That Anyone Can Do Arm Balances

I love arm balances. I can’t do most of them….but I think they look really cool. Arm balances are something I aspire to master. But to tell you the truth, sometimes I despair of ever mastering most of them.

However, today as I was poring through some old bookmarked yoga sites, I came across one with pictures of a bunch of yogis at Destin Yoga by the Sea (Fort Walton Beach, FL) practicing serenely by the beautiful blue ocean.

 I thought this lady was particularly inspiring. Tell me if you don’t agree. And take an extra moment to really appreciate the […]

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Dietary Shortcut to Advance Your Yoga Practice

I have been really inspired to clean up my diet recently. One of the blogs I linked to yesterday, 100DaysofRealFood, has been a huge inspiration in this regard.
I notice that whenever I eat a particularly clean diet for a few days (for me this usually starts with cutting out sugar), I suddenly have significantly more flexibility when I am practicing yoga.
I suppose the specific dietary changes vary from person to person. But it goes without saying that when you eliminate processed foods, your body has less sludge to work through. Less sludge clogging up your tissues, your lymph, etc. […]

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Awesome Yoga Post Roundup

I would like to share some fantastic health and yoga-related posts I have come across lately. I think you will enjoy many of them too. Read on! – a jewel of a blog by yoga teacher and ayurveda/lifestyle coach Cate Stillman. The article in this link is a great example of the many priceless tips she offers for attaining a more balanced life. She has a great post about oil pulling, which I also wrote about not too long along. – a thought-provoking article about how the advertising world uses images of beautiful, thin yogis for their own purposes, […]

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What is So Scary About Yoga?

I just read an article about a public elementary school in the US that is teaching their students yoga in gym classes. A group of Christian parents sued the school claiming that yoga was a way to steer their children towards Hindu beliefs.
I have to admit I am a little distressed by this story. The practice of yoga exercises is so incredibly beneficial, that I hate to think of anyone missing out because of fears like this. The article I read mentioned that the school has already seen a decrease in bullying as well as other positive signs of […]

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Catch 22 of Yoga and Eating

If I don’t do yoga first thing in the morning, I have trouble figuring out how to coordinate my meals with yoga practice. This is probably partly due to my overwhelming love of snacking. My middle name could be Snacks-A-Lot. J

Most yogis know that it is best to practice yoga on an empty or nearly empty stomach. I think the standard advice is that you should try to finish your last meal 3 hours or so before practice. This is so that the early phase of digestion is finished before you practice and you won’t get nauseous.

On weekends, I […]

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